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“From Central to South America we find different kind of population, but one thing in common are the children that live in the cities and neighborhoods their happyness and future depend in all of us!
Latin America has been faced with many social problems and little kids end up often times being the inocent victims of many conflicts.During my visit back in 2008 to Medellin Colombia, I was faced with a said truth. Many people victims of the conflict between the war, have fled their homes loooking for a place where they can feed their families with out the feeling of losing their lives.While my visit to Medellin Colombia was not the last, my trip to Dominican Republic 0pened up a my eyes to a different kind of problem, families that lived far from the main cities. Children that played with soda taps and broom sticks.Although many of the foretold stories almost always had happy children I could not stop thinking about, How I could make a difference, that is when decided to bring toys, shoes and clothing in my next trips to children and displaced families. While my trip did not make all kids of all cities happy, I made a difference to those children who received a little toy from back home.. I could see their faces, filled with hope, they knew someone cared, they seemed happier!
My main cause was to bring happyness to these families, it gave me strength to come back and joing forces with people like you, peole who care!!”